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Vinyl - EP - Moon Cricket - Charlie Campari

Vinyl - EP - Moon Cricket - Charlie Campari

Charlie Campari originated in an euphoric shroom trip at a sun-drenched Roskilde Festival in the early 1900s, moving for a few years in the congested borderland between subway and establishment at Copenhagen nightclubs. As an electronic musician, the favorite music style was an anarchic mash-up parody of the hippest party breed's vengeance, most of all comparable to Kid Kishore, Copyfokking and Bjørn Svin.

When the parody became too empty, Istedgade's bottomless hole around the Men's Home drew the man behind the music with him and Charlie Campari resurrected in his present incarnation, after countless overdoses and a few temporary deaths, in a bed on the 13th floor of Rigshospitalet.

The music is degenerate to a wrecked game of unsuccessful lo-fi and careless anti-people, while the tragicomic adventure of the underworld monsters sarcastically admits shameless thefts from both Wavves, Lou Reed, Beck and Suicide.
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