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Photo by: Mathias Vejerslev


Fastpoholmen with composer and songwriter Adam Fastholm in the lead, is one of the most original and powerful cards on Scandinavians world/indie music scene .

The bands unpretentious Danish playfulness and Swedish melancholy gives a very Nordic expression and in combination with the afro inspired, funky rhythm track, and homemade samples, they create an original and international sound.

Artwork: Charlie C

Artwork: Charlie C

Charlie Campari

Distorted and experimental decay aesthetics. Blues, country and dope rock.

Aslak, Beurre Noir, Own Road, Joes Boxing Gym

Aslak, Beurre Noir, Own Road, Joes Boxing Gym

Band history

Since Free Kids started in 2010, several great artists and projects have been launched in Free Kids Records name.

Some of them have moved on to new projects. Some of them still sell their records in our shop.

We present them all here!